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Digital Marketing Specialist

City of Morrilton
Job Description


The City of Morrilton, Conway County, and MorriltonArea Chamber of Commerce are seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist. Position shall perform administrative work related to all three entities, including creative and strategic content creator to website and social media accounts. Duties will include publishing and converting information into web content, creating and editing graphics, and managing websites from conception.

Required Education:

High school diploma or GED; associate's or bachelor's degree in a relevant field may be preferred

Other Requirements:

Experience in marketing, design and communications; knowledge of Web design software such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

Job Description:

The employee works as an administrator and creative and strategic content creator to the city's, county’s, and chamber’s website and social media accounts. Their writing and editing expertise will be utilized by managing content, maintaining web design, and assisting employees with basic computer needs. Good attention to detail, creativity, knowledge of information technology are all highly sought-after skills.

Job Duties:
The information technology coordinator 

• publishes content
• maintains continuity of themes
• converts information into web content, PDF documents & graphics
• creates and edits graphics
• increases online presence to visitors of the website and social media platforms
• manage website construction from conception

Job Requirements:

• Experience in communication and marketing
• Familiar with current social media platforms and analytics
• Familiar with computer troubleshooting
• Strong communication and visual design skills

Nice to Have Skills:

• Familiarity with search engine optimization
• Experience in web design and content management systems
• Experience in filming or video production
• Database management skills


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